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Top 4 Reasons to Buy Honey Baked Ham Gift Cards

Amitie’ is once again promoting the sale of Honey Baked Ham gift cards through our exclusive link. A portion of all cards purchased goes toward funding our Suicide Awareness Scholarship Program, which helps save lives! We’ve been asked why we chose to again partner with HBH and offer their gift cards as a fundraiser. We hope the reasons below will help you understand why we love their products and how your purchase can help!

1. Quality. Honey Baked Ham is famous for providing wonderful hams for holiday meals. Their reputation precedes them, with competitors trying to duplicate their unique recipes. What many people may not realize is the variety and versatility of their other available products. Once you look a little closer, you realize quickly they have products for just about any occasion, and just about any budget. (Order Gift Cards)

2. Variety. Many people may not realize the depth of products offered at Honey Baked Ham. Of course there’s the holiday hams and turkeys, but they also offer many other products for any other day of the year. From side dishes, soups, salads, and breads, to sandwiches, box lunches, catering trays and desserts. Their menu is surprisingly vast.

3. Gifts all year long! Don’t just buy one, buy several! Build a stockpile for any occasion. Last minute invite to a birthday party? Need an award for an employee or coworker who performed well? Want to bring something special to a potluck? Hosting a get-together of friends and family? Want to bring a unique dessert to a party? Any of these events are perfect chances to grab one of your HBH gift cards and save the day!

4. Charity. The best reason we encourage you to stock up on Honey Baked Ham gift cards is to support this charity. We are a small organization with big dreams to save many lives through our suicide awareness and prevention initiatives. Each life is precious and we fully believe each of us has the power to save a life. We also know that each dollar raised is precious, and so greatly appreciated!

Honey Baked Ham gift cards are available in both traditional plastic form and electronic form, with amounts starting at $25. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Your support is saving lives!

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