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The Team


Regina Graff

Regina  is a graduate of Cabrini High School (Class of ’85) and UNO with a B.S.B.A. in Accounting.  As a CPA, she's spent the majority of her career in roles such as Controller and Director of Finance and Administration. 

Regina was called to raise awareness and to help save young lives due to the lasting impact on her from suicide and attempts in her circle. Regina has been speaking to teenage students on this topic for over 15 years.  Her presentations address audience members who may be struggling, and those who may know of someone struggling.  She also addresses participants who may contribute to those already struggling or considering suicide.  Throughout her years of speaking, Regina has received significant feedback from students regarding her ability to connect with and reach them.  Additionally, Regina has been contacted by several parents of the teenagers who participated in her program and then discussed what they learned with their parents.

Jessica Ervin_edited.png

Jessica Ervin

Secretary & Director of Fundraising

Jessica has worked as a paralegal for over 30 years. She graduated from Cabrini High School and LSU Dental School with a degree in Dental Laboratory Technology.  Jessica was called to join Amitié to help raise awareness of suicide prevention due to people in her life that have struggled with depression and attempted suicide.   Jessica has previously served as head chair of fundraising for non-profits and desires to use that experience to further Amitié’s mission of preventing teen suicide through educational programs.


Susie Henderson

Treasurer & Director of Marketing

Susie often says she's a bloody-knuckled graduate of the school of real life.  She's had variety in her employment, having held positions in customer service, sales, maintenance, management, HR, accounting and marketing.  She works with Amitié because she's passionate about the cause.  

Also a graduate of Cabrini High School, Susie has felt the lasting effects of suicides and attempts, up close. Too close, having lost several friends and family members. She couldn’t help any of them, because she didn’t know they were struggling. That’s Amitié’s first focus: talking to people, encouraging them to talk to people.  Feeling suicidal is nothing to feel shame over. Speaking to a loved one can start the healing, and Amitié wants to make the facilitation of help more readily available.  


Jillian Wohlgemuth

Director of Student Outreach

Jillian Wohlgemuth is a Cabrini High School graduate of 2016 and a University of Southern Mississippi graduate of 2020. Jillian studied Journalism, with an emphasis in Public Relations and she has a minor in Psychology. Jillian serves as the Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement and Alumnae Relations at Cabrini High School and attends the University of New Orleans to pursue a Masters of Business Administration degree. 

A passion for helping others, Jillian joined Amitié to support Cabrini sisters and with hope to make a difference in someone's life. 


Anthony Germade

Director of Communications

Anthony is a graduate of Rummel High School and LSU with a Master’s in Leadership & Human Development (2018). He is currently Executive Director of the American Italian Cultural Center in New Orleans. He has 8 years of experience working in Mental Health, including 4 years as Executive Director of a statewide nonprofit. He also has over 25 years of experience as an Executive Producer of global events, media, television, and Training & Development projects. 


Anthony uses his lived experience with Mental Illness & Addiction to empower others to develop personal resilience, fight stigma and become advocates for better Mental Health services and legislation. He has delivered numerous presentations to audiences all over Louisiana. Having lost loved ones to suicide and overdoses, he is passionate about working to reduce suicidal ideation and drug dependency in all populations.

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