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Free Seminars

Amitié provides free seminars/discussions to area schools, churches and civic groups.  Regina Graff has been holding suicide education discussions in New Orleans area high schools for 15 years.  Her passion for reaching the hearts and minds of young people has helped fuel her countless volunteer hours.   


Classroom Lecture

These discussions with young people take a different approach.  They aren't about spouting boring statistics or simply giving out the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number. 

We talk to them as people.

We get real.

We share the raw truths of suicide.  

We talk about what happens afterward.

We talk about how one single suicide affects so many people for the rest of their life.  

We help them understand their value.

We talk about how an instant decision can be a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  

We talk about symptoms of someone who may be struggling, how to recognize them, and how to take action.

We talk about bullying, how not to be a bully, how to reach out to the lonely or different people around them.  

We talk about building real friendships, and developing a network of good people around them to share both the joys and the pains of life with.  

Hundreds of teens over the years have written letters of appreciation, discussing how deep the seminar touched them.  

Email us at to schedule your free seminar today! 

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