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The Future of Amitie

Scholarship Program:

Although our speaking presentations are completely free to area schools, churches, civic or social groups, we plan to do so much more than educate people. We want to reach young people and get them talking about suicide, so we developed a scholarship program open to high school students. Students write and submit essays on one of several given topics, winners are chosen and scholarships are awarded at the end of the school year. Donations are being accepted year-round to help finance this program. We would love to grow this program to be able to offer higher amount scholarships, and include many students.


Short Term Plan: 

We also want to help people in crisis. Too often when a young person is in a mental crisis situation, any number of things can stop them from getting help. Stigma may stop them from speaking up. Parents may not take them seriously if they do speak up. Health insurance companies can often limit the mental health providers they can see. New patient appointments can be several weeks into the future. There are few state-operated programs available for immediate assistance in the moment of crisis. Amitie’ wants to bridge as many of these interferences as possible. We are working hard to build a network of mental health providers, especially those who treat young people, who will be available to see referrals within 48 hours. Facilitating the availability of mental health providers and ensuring their schedule openings for our referrals will take money, and a lot of it.


Long Term Plan:

Amitie’ would like to operate a youth care center of our own, where the kind of help we would want for our family and friends will be readily available for all. Until this plan can fully be developed and brought to fruition, we plan to partner with other non-profits in the field in order to help facilitate assistance.

It does sound like a cliche’ when people say every small donation helps. Honestly, it truly does. If everyone who has ever been touched by suicide would donate just $5, we could eradicate the mental health crisis among our young people. Please consider donating to Amitie’ today; establishing a monthly giving schedule; donating items which can be sold/resold; or leaving us in your will. We pray for a day the help we provide won’t be needed, until then we need your support.

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