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Amitie held their very first scholarship essay program this year which consisted of submitting an essay on one of three topics surrounding suicide. You can access this year’s scholarship program by going to “Go to and click on Scholarships”.

It is Amitie’s belief that opening the conversation about suicide will help to remove the stigma surrounding suicide and that by raising awareness we can assist in the prevention of suicide. The scholarship awards a first-place scholarship in the amount of $1,000 and a second-place scholarship in the amount of $500. Amitie is happy to congratulate our first-place winner from St. Charles Catholic High School, Lauren Weber. On our first scholarship program we actually had a tie for second place and we are happy to congratulate Brooke Forsythe from St. Charles Catholic High School and Ella Cochran from Pope John Paul II High School as second-place winners. These students’ essays were very well written, creative and most importantly shared a willingness to engage in the hard conversation about teen suicide.

Remember to find this year’s scholarship program information and rules go to and click on Scholarships.

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